Body massage, orgasm or hardcore sex; this woman was desperate for something ​else

It was really not late, just 8 pm, and I was hired for the whole night. She was wearing a see-through black gown. I don’t know how come I did not notice her juicy breasts and athletic thighs. To top this all she was not wearing panty. I was getting hard there and for nearly thirty seconds I was not paying attention to what she was talking. She noticed this and opened her legs wide and slowly slid her finger in her pussy. Though I enjoyed every action of hers, but now everything was happening very fast. “This is not normal,” I said to myself one more time.

Her round butts and toned thighs made me hard down there; my life was about to be changed forever

Believe me, I wanted to make love to her that very second but stopped. I wanted to impress her too. Win her over and my desire to move my hands and lips all over body would have ruined all my chances. I could not take any chances.