Shanti had the most voluptuous body, I didn’t know where to start

3036747-poster-1280-50-year-orgasmImage courtesy: Shutterstocks

It’s  7 o’clock in the morning. I am back after spending one of the most satisfying night with a woman nearly double my age. But boy, she was extremely opposite of her name Shanti (Calm and peaceful). Initially, she appeared a bit hesitant, not opening up as it was her first such interaction. Wearing a loose normal white silk gown, she looked very normal. I had no idea what she was hiding. I was soon going to realise she had the most voluptuous body which could give fierce competition to even the hottest porn stars.

“If you want you can get fresh, use my husband’s bathroom,” she suggested. I became a bit uncomfortable at the mention of her husband’s name. I looked at the photograph hanging on the wall. The man sharing the frame with her was really old. “He is good for nothing, can’t satisfy me and I would have committed suicide had I not known about women vibrators. 

Suddenly she opened the knot of the gown and revealed her great body. To my amazement, she was not wearing anything. Her big boobs, slender waist, thundering thighs–a little overweight but very sexy–and shaved vagina instantly made me hard.

I immediately realised what she was looking for–somebody naughty who could make her feel youthful again, rash and rough sex was in her mind. And I was in no mood to hold my horses. Although I wanted to go to the washroom, I decided it could wait. Today, she would not stop at one and I was in no mood to count the turns. More the merrier. I never stop till my woman is completely satisfied. This is what Ishika had taught me while sharing the trick of this trade with me ( Click here to know how I met Ishika who introduced me to this world of sex and satisfaction).

I jumped over the sofa and hugged her so tight she literally cried in pain. But she was enjoying. Actually, in such situations, I normally start with that body part that attracts me the most–it could be boobs, navel, thighs, hips or even vagina. But this time, I was confused as I could not decide where to start. Her boobs were fresh like mangos, pussy really pink and all wet, and thighs so tempting I could keep kissing her there for hours.

For nearly one hour we were non-stop at it. She experienced multiple orgasms and squeezed ever drop of semen from my cock. We had completed three rounds before pausing to talk.

“You are great, I have never been fucked like this before,  I want more of it,” she moaned.

“Night is ours, we can pause a little,” I joked and she burst into laughter. This time she looked a lot younger and her naked body was relaxed and my sperms were all over her breast and naval. “You should clean before we start again,” I jokingly said.

She ignored my comments, held my hand and took me into another room. “You fucked me in my husband’s room. I wanted these walls to see at least once I had what I wanted in my life,” she said.

“And this is your room, you live in different rooms,” I commented.

“Well, that good for nothing prefers to live in his fucking old world. My room has kept me alive,” she revealed.

Come I show you something. She opened a box and took out a sex toy.

We have company now and the sex is going to be a lot better. More tools more sex, she smiled.

“This is Silicone G-Spot Vagina and Clitoris Vibrating Vibrator which came to my rescue when my old man would discharge just after 5 minutes of foreplay. I would come to this room and this vibrator gave me the utmost pleasure,” she said.

Soon we were at it again, but this time before me penetrating her, the vibrator made her experience orgasm like never before. I was madly sucking her boobs and also massaging her Vagina and Clitoris with the vibrator. Once she got so loud, I feared neighbours would come to know about it.

The night seemed to fly in no time. I was just a week old in the profession but at this early stage, I got a friend which accompanied me whenever I shower love on my women. They like the vibrators and there are so many options. We three enjoyed this gangbang and sex has never been so satisfying befoe.

In my earlier post, which happens to be my first post, I had promised to share the story how I became a gigolo. Well! the credit goes to Ishika. (Read here to know Ishika story. Need to hyperlink). She was so impressed with my behavior and mannerism that she eventually surrendered to me. She actually enjoyed every move I made and in the end took my hand to her wet pussy and said: “I am done twice, see I am all wet and done,”.

(In my future post, I will explain my first real encounter with Ishika. That special movement gave me the confidence that I could be a real gigolo. I appeal to both heart and mind. This is my unique point and the credit goes to Ishika for letting me know my true potential).

Tonight I am going on a kind of blind date. One of my women has asked me to meet her friend but she refuses to share details.

My next post could be anything. I will share it soon. Hold your horses till then.


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