Her round butts and toned thighs made me hard down there; my life was about to be changed forever

fading-gigolo-turturro-1000x600So, here I was, alone in the massage room, with a young and sexy massage therapist Ishika. She smiled at me as she entered the room, and I responded by extending my arms wide open. “Give me a hug, I have been waiting for this for more than three years,” I told her. She smiled again and hugged me tightly.

She was wearing light blue tights which revealed her rounded butts and toned thighs. I felt the urge to press her buttocks and squeeze every part of her body that was teasing me as if saying, “touch me if you can”. Her breasts were ready to rip apart the tight top and I could not stop staring at them a little longer than normal.

At 5 feet 3 inches she looked rather tall and too tempting to waste time talking. But there was something very innocent and dignified about her. Please don’t think I am passing a judgement on her profession, but she did not belong to that place. She had the aura of a saint—cool, calm and exuding a soothing feeling, just by her mere presence. These qualities of her now help me make women feel special and wanted, but that is a long story and needs a special mention at a later stage.

Believe me, I wanted to make love to her that very second but stopped. I wanted to impress her too. Win her over and my desire to move my hands and lips all over body would have ruined all my chances. I could not take any chances.

“You are very beautiful and hot,” is all that I could accomplish uttering that second. I was enjoying that all elusive female touch. Believe me, this is something only a girl/woman can give you. God! I want to remain in this bliss for the rest of my life, I kept thinking that time. I was getting hard down there and she knew my condition well—my heartbeat had gone up and apparently I was getting restless with every second.

“So, you don’t want massage therapy, you want to talk,” she asked me as if feeling shy while asking me that odd question. “Yes,” I said. “They were taking this at the reception before asking me to come to you,” she said and smiled. Well! That made my life simple. What followed CANNOT be easily understood.

If you thinking I am interested in narrating the explicit details only, then you are wasting your time. What I am going to tell you is how this changed my life and I became someone who shares love and happiness among women of all age groups. I make them feel special and wanted. They truly deserve all this. This is The Diary of an Indian gigolo. This is the first chapter of my diary and I have a lot to share with you today. I will keep sharing my story, page by page. There is so much that you never imagined. Women in India have changed. I know it better.

This is the first chapter of my diary and I have a lot to share with you. I will keep sharing my story, page by page. There is so much that you never imagined. Women in India have changed. I know it better.

So I was telling you how this encounter with Ishika changed my perspective towards life.

She asked me to sit on the massage table/bed with her. Great feeling to sit close to her, touching her hand and my mind racing to imagine what all was possible inside the room. I kind of felt empowered. But I was in no mood to rush, and believe me, felt very bad to meet her like this. “What if she mistook me as a womaniser, frequenting such places regularly,” I told to myself.

“You feeling a woman after 3 years,” she hesitantly inquired after listening to the saga of my life. But she was genuine and kind of concerned about me that I frankly never expected at that place.

I looked around the room which was not small if not big, having two big mirrors, place to hang my clothes, a place to take shower and the table-cum-bed to relax.

For a second I thought: “Stop shitting around, get on with the act and fuck off,”. But I simply could not make her feel negative about me.

I explained my reasons ( may share with you later) and she took immense interest in my feelings.

She knew I was sex starved and she decided to shower love on me.

I explained how bad I felt for having to meet her like this and said sorry to her. “It’s fine, I don’t hate my job, though I may not like it, so don’t worry about me,” she said. This was my first encounter with a woman after a very long time. I felt so great and excited. What made me feel great was the fact that she was impressed with my organ—hard and strong. She event mentioned—it is really good. Also, it took her really long to make me cum and it was reassuring for me to know that my manhood was more than intact. I can never forget the way she kissed my chest and moaned while stroking my organ.

When she realised I was about to cum, her left hand started stroking very fast while she kept rubbing my balls with the other hand. She kept kissing my nipples and her fast breathing sound really made me very excited. And finally, she made me cum.

I was at the top of the world and she fondly kept playing with my organ.

Picture Abhi baaki hai mere dost (The film is not yet over). How that made me turn into a gigolo?

I will spill the beans in my next post. All I can say now is that compassion for the sexual need of the other person made all the difference. What happened between us on the third encounter revealed that I could be a real gigolo who had the skills to touch the emotional chords of the female starving for great sex.


Image courtesy: Youngistan.in

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